Zandari Festa
Zandari Festa
수도 Pseudo
펑크 / 얼터너티브
밴드 멤버
Jonathan (Guitar/Vocals), Liam (Bass/Vocals), Mikhail (Drums)
펑크 / 얼터너티브
아티스트 소개
Pseudo is a 3-piece alt-punk band from Toronto, ON. Formed in 2010 in year one of high school, brothers Jonathan and Liam joined longtime friend Mikhail to play covers of Green Day.

The band's influences evolved over the years into various styles of music, drawing influence from the likes of Propagandhi, The Flatliners, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, and Against Me! – to name a few. They now play a stripped down version of alternative-punk with a progressive twist.

Pseudo's main goal is to demonstrate to the punk scene and world at large that anybody, from all walks off life, can be part of something beautiful by creating music that reflects individual experiences, shortcomings, and the issues that they face being a band comprised solely of visible minorities. 
London, ON @ Call The Office w/ HEART ATTACK KIDS
Bellville, ON @ Belle Pub w/ E.L.E, SCREAMIN' SINS
Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club w/ DEFORESTERS, JUNIOR BATTLES
London, ON @ Call The Office w/ VOODOO GLOW SKULLS

UPCOMING 2017 US TOUR (3 month tour, April 27th - July 23rd)
소속 레이블
Get Party Records
"Renovations" (LP, November 19th, 2016)
"S/T" (EP, December 4th, 2014)
9월30일 (토요일) @ 클럽 FF 18:00 - 19:00
Venue Information
클럽 FF 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 17길 12