Zandari Festa
Zandari Festa
왓에버댓민즈 ...Whatever That Means
punk / Rock
Band Members
Jeff제프 (보컬기타/Vo,Guitar), Bialy비알리 (기타Guitar), Trash쓰렉 (보컬베이스/Vo,Bass), Pyo표돈 (보컬드럼Vo,Drums)
Korea, Republic of
punk / Rock
...Whatever That Means is a melodic punk rock band from Seoul, Korea. Originally formed in 2009 as a one-off project band for the punk show celebrating Jeff (guitar/vocals) and Trash's (bass/vocals) wedding, they have spend nearly six years building a reputation as a hardworking DIY band and were described by Alternative Press Magazine (USA) as, "the pop-punk face of the Korean music scene." WTM has always had an international lineup and currently includes Korean, American, and Polish members.
왓에버댓민즈는 2009년 결성, 서울을 기반으로 활동하는 멜로딕 펑크 밴드이다. 미국 뮤직 매거진 "Alternative Press Magazine (USA)에 "한국 뮤직씬의 팝펑크의 대표"(the pop-punk face of the Korean music scene)라고 소개될 정도, 국내뿐 아니라 DIY정신으로 꾸준히 해외를 넘나들며 현재까지 활동하고 있으며, 또한 멤버들도 현재, 미국, 한국, 폴란드멤버로 구성될만큼 국제적인 멤버 포메이션을 갖추고 있다.
Recent Appearances
*2009: -Band formed in February.
*2010: -Released a demo CD called "Piracy Encouraged".
-EP titled "The Newest Hope." released.
-Opened for Strike Anywhere (USA) and FCFive (Japan)
-First foray abroad for a two-week Malaysian tour.
*2011: -First full-length album, "Sounds From The Explosion"
-US Tour in December.(Amongst their dates was a show
at the historic 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California
with The Manix (It's Alive Records) and GnarBoots (Asian Man Records)).
*2013: -EP of cover songs called "Hong Gu Goes To Prison."
*2014: -Second full-length album, "Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two"
-Opened for The Bruce Lee Band (USA) and Guitar Wolf (Japan)
-Documentary featuring WTM titled "Us & Them:
Korean Indie Rock in a K-Pop World,"
*2015: -Toured in Malaysia and Singapore.
*2016: -US Tour in summer
-Split 7" released with Seattle, WA, USA band Burn Burn Burn
*2017: -Currently recording new album
Recording Label(s)
WDI World Domination, Inc.월드 도미네이션 인코퍼레이트.
2010 "Piracy Encouraged" (Demo)
2010 "The Newest Hope" (EP)
2011 "Sounds From The Explosion"
2013"Hong Gu Goes To Prison" (EP)
2014 "Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two"
2014 "Asian Prodigy" (Single)
2016 "Blowing Minds & Melting Faces" (split 7")
Sep 29 (Friday) @ CLUB FF 21:00 - 22:00
Venue Information
CLUB FF 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 17길 12