Zandari Festa
Zandari Festa
Browsing Collection Browsing Collection
punk / Rock
Band Members
Mimi Brander ( Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Moa Lenngren (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Nora Lenngren (Bass/Vocals), Carro Karlsson ( Drums)
punk / Rock
"A big, fat, tight bitch slap" is a good way to describe Browsing Collection. The band is a is a four-piece punk rock band teasing with metal influences. Being an all-girl group they have taken on the task to prove they are just like every other band, only better. Their music is catchy, full of attitude and a pleasure to have on a stage. In their native Sweden they have player almost every important event, but they are pretty fresh to the outside market. Their second album is due for a August/September release, and now the band is ready to travel. Let’s go!
Recent Appearances
Sweden Rock Festival - 2015 / Getaway Rock Festival - 2016 / Peace and Love Festival - 2017 Live at Heart Festival - 2017
Recording Label(s)
First album self released, in talks with multiple labels and publishers right now.
Untitled - Album - 2017 August/September
Greetings from Wonderland - Album - 2015
Sep 29 (Friday) @ CLUB FF 20:00 - 21:00
Venue Information
CLUB FF 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 17길 12