Zandari Festa
Zandari Festa
The Lemons The Lemons
indie / alternative
Band Members
Odbayar Tsogzolmaa (Vocals, rhythm guitar ), Enkhtulga Ariunbold (Lead guitar), Anar Daribazar (Bass guitar), Unurbayar Munkhbayar (Drums), Enkhbat Nina (Sound engineer), Tugsjargal Chuluunkhuu (Manager)
indie / alternative
The Lemons is a four-member Mongolian Indie Rock band formed in 2004 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Their Red Album was the first rock album released in 2006 by a Mongolian band to achieve national commercial success without heavily compromising its rock sound. Critics described it as sounding similar to early work of The Strokes. Its hits were Hairtai and Dzuud Noirondoo (transcribed from the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet). The band was able to devote its energies full-time to music and began playing multiple shows a week at Ulanbaatar music venues.
In 2009, The Lemons released their second album, Залуу Ленины Ойролцоо Зн Давхарт (roughly ZALUU LENINII OIROLTSOO 3 DAVHART.) It expanded the band's sound to include influences from post rock to punk rock. Due to its more challenging sound, the album was less popular than their first effort, though in the three years since their first album the core Mongolian rock audience had expanded significantly and almost universally declared it a triumph.
In 2015, The Lemons released their third studio album, III. The album consists of 10 tracks, most famous tracks are Сүүлийн уянга (Suuliin uyanga), and Paradise. At the same year, The Lemons performed their 3rd big concert at Crocus Event Hall, in Mongolia.
Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Odno established himself as a national style icon. His sunglasses and hat became a signature for him and the band. The band secured a devout following after their impassioned set at the 2006 Playtime Festival (Mongolia's first and biggest rock fest). Their annual performances at Playtime have consistently been lauded.

In 2011, The Lemons represented Mongolia at Asian Beat, one of the biggest amateur band contests held throughout many regions in Asia.
Recent Appearances
The Lemons Unplugged concert in 2016
Playtime Festival 2016
The Lemons "Husel" concert in 2015
Recording Label(s)
Hi-Fi Label
Red Album (2006)
Zaluu Leninii Oiroltsoo 3 davhart (2009)
III (2015)
The Lemons Unplugged (2017)
Sep 30 (Saturday) @ K-art DDIMHALL 20:00 - 21:00
Venue Information
K-art DDIMHALL 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 18길 30